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Are you planning to get some woodwork done on your property? Are you getting a concrete pavement built? Are you restructuring your rooms? All such works will generate trash that isn’t the same as your everyday trash. This means that your everyday trash removal arrangement would not be suitable or sufficient for processing this type of trash and you need to make a special arrangement for its removal.

True Bin Hire caters for such similar needs through provision of bins for hire. These bins come in varied sizes and can be placed on your property for duration of 3 or 4 days. Using these bins, you can get rid of all types of difficult material such as laminate, wood, concrete and bricks. Our bins are large and spacious enough and strong enough to store this trash for getting transported away from your property. Not only is this a cost effective arrangement for trash removal, but it is highly effective and safe too.

Affordable skip hire, waste and hard rubbish removal service in Essendon

There isn’t anything more important than your safety and our bin hire services help in creating safe and healthy environments in our Essendon clients’ neighbourhoods. As far as the bin placement guidelines are concerned, we are familiar with them and will make sure to abide by them, while providing you waste removal services. We will also take care of all the permits since we have the knowledge of them as well as long-standing relationships with Melbourne councils.

We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. So call us today at True Bin Hire, your reliable bin hire service provider in Essendon.

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About Us Talk to us, the experts, and we will help you choose the cheap mini skip or bin that is just the right size you require, for any job. We will arrange all the details, cut through the council red tape, and help you to get your rubbish removal and waste removal project underway. Our cheap skips are delivered promptly all over Essendon and we have built a reputation as the number one business for waste receptacle hire in the area.