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Are you changing your furniture and don’t know what to do with the old one? True Bin Hire can provide you with a solution! We can provide you a bin, ranging from small to large size that can pick up all your furniture and have it removed from your property.

Furniture can become old and rusty, bringing down the beauty and appeal of your rooms as well as being dangerous to use. A broken chair arm or a bed’s plank can cause you injury during use and therefore, it is very important for you to change your furniture as soon as it becomes unusable.

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However, you cannot leave the old furniture lying around outdoors. We can provide you with a bin for hire, for a duration of 3 to 4 days. During this time, you can get your new furniture delivered to your property and set it up. The furniture you dispose off can be stored in the bin, which we will pick up from your property at the end of 4 days or whenever you want it removed before that.

If you feel that the shifting will take longer than 4 days and you need to hire the bin for a longer duration, we can discuss the duration with our Donvale clients. As far as the rates are concerned, they are dependent upon the area you live in and on the permit requirements and other similar factors. However, we assure our clients that we do not charge exorbitant rates and are quite reasonable with our pricing.

So get in touch with us today at True Bin Hire – your expert bin hire service provider in Donvale!

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About Us Talk to us, the experts, and we will help you choose the cheap mini skip or bin that is just the right size you require, for any job. We will arrange all the details, cut through the council red tape, and help you to get your rubbish removal and waste removal project underway. Our cheap skips are delivered promptly all over Donvale and we have built a reputation as the number one business for waste receptacle hire in the area.