How To Fill Your Skip Bin The Right Way?

Whether it’s a spring cleaning or a garden cleaning, or you’re moving out, skip bins are a must-have when you want to tackle clean-up tasks like these. They come in various sizes and can load any type of waste, from construction and demolition debris to household and garden wastes. If you are planning to skip bin hire in Melbourne for your next cleaning project, there are things you should know before you buy the skip bin such as, the type of waste you should and shouldn’t load, and most of all, how you can effectively maximize the use of your skip bin. Here, we have come up with some useful tips on how you can fill your skip bin efficiently. Let’s get started.

Know Your Waste

It’s vital to understand the type of waste before you get a skip bin. You must find out the type of waste you are going to deal with. While you can load it with almost any rubbish such as bricks, concrete, plastics, timbers, furniture, and green wastes, skip bins are not suitable for discarding toxic wastes and hazardous chemicals. Things like asbestos, chemical bottles, and other waste that leaves toxic chemical residue are strictly prohibited in a skip bin.

Pick The Right Size

If you have decided to skip hire in Melbourne, get a skip bin that is bigger than your actual waste load. To understand the amount of rubbish you need to dispose of, pack your waste neatly and tightly, then stack it. Not only will this allow you to segregate your trash neatly, you will get an idea about the size of the bin that you need.

Fill Your Bins This Way

To ensure you make the most out of your skip bin’s capacity, fill your bins by placing all the flat and heavy items first at the bottom. It will support the other bulky items that you are going to load. Also, you can fill gaps with any loose items. If you have odd-shaped objects must be broken down into pieces and packed nice and tight to avoid any air pockets. Finally, arrange all the lightweight materials on top of the rubbish.

Packing your trash and arranging them properly in the bin will maximize your bin’s capacity and make the transportation of the waste removal safe for the truck drivers. If you’re looking for skip bin hire service across Victoria,  call True Bin Hire on 03 9333 0951 today.

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