Are you looking for demolition services in Melbourne? If yes then you’re at the right place. Whether you’re wanting a site to be cleared, to build your dream home, developing or building property True Bin Hire and Demolition will be able to help you remove your building. At True Bin Hire and Demolition we offer residential and commercial demolition all-across Melbourne. True Bin Hire and Demolition is committed to providing quality and professional service. If you are after a demolition company with competitive prices, True Bin Hire and Demolition is the way to go. We provide quotes, take care of the paperwork and organise the necessary permits so you don’t have to worry. Our demolition team is very experienced and adhere to Australian Standards, Regulations and Codes of Practice. We are committed to making sure our practises are good for the environment and are safe. We prioritise customer service and ensure every customer is treated well. At True Bin Hire and Demolition we follow strict guidelines to minimize landfill waste. If you are after Demolition services in Melbourne give us a call on 0411661102.

We offer a wide range of services like;

  • – Asbestos Removal
  • – Residential Demolition
  • – Commercial Demolition
  • – Excavation Services

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was heavily used in buildings built or renovated between the 1940’s to the 1980’s. At True Bin Hire and Demolition we make sure asbestos is correctly handled to prevent any safety risks.

Residential and Commercial Demolition

At True Bin Hire and Demolition we specialise in residential and commercial demolition. True Bin Hire and Demolition can help you demolish any residential or commercial building regardless of shape or size up to 2 stories. We are experts at residential and commercial demolition and make the process of demolishing your project very fast and efficient. When we finish demolishing your property we clean up so you have a clean slate to start your next building.

Excavation Services

We offer excavation services all across Melbourne. We are able to level and excavate the land to get it ready for building again. You can save money and time by getting us to excavate the site once the demolition job is finished. Whether you have a small excavation job or a large excavation job True Bin Hire and Demolition is the way to go for all excavation services in Melbourne

Building Permits

At True Bin Hire and Demolition we take care and arrange any permits related to the clearing of your building to ensure demolishing your house is a smooth, safe and hassle-free process.


At True Bin Hire and Demolition we take safety very seriously. Before any project is started we take into account all possible safety risks and hazards to ensure everyone involved is safe. We work and follow strict regulations and guidelines to ensure this.

Reliable Service and Good customer Service

We have built a strong reputation around Melbourne as a hard working, safe, reliable and an environmentally responsible company and we strive to further this. We make sure customers are treated well and with respect.

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