Hire Expert Rubbish Removal Service For Your Commercial Facility – Here’s Why?

How green is your commercial facility? Are you removing the rubbish from your facility in a responsible way? As a business, you must keep the space clean & rubbish-free to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. When the waste tends to pile up, it leaves a weird impression on visitors, clients, customers and whoever comes to visit your facility. So, hiring a rubbish removal company or a skip bin hire Melbourne service proves beneficial where you can manage your waste disposal needs. Whether a busy office, hotel or whatever, you’ll reap the benefits & they include;

Safety Measures

When you hire a skip hire in Melbourne, you’ll dump all the wastes & the rubbish removal company will handle your needs the right way. Your rubbish may contain hazardous materials and may get bruised while dumping. However, when you leave to the experts, they know the different types of waste & separate them accordingly & recommend recycling the goods, ensuring minimal dump on the landfills.


Hiring a cheap skip bins in Melbourne is convenient and time-saving. Doing this on your own can be time-consuming & bad for your health. In a skip hire company, the rubbish is first sorted out from the skip bin & then categorising makes it easier to dispose of in the right way.

Reasonable Costs

The cost of disposing of rubbish can be enormous when it comes to disposing of large amounts of trash all by yourself. Hiring rubbish removal Melbourne is recommended to save on costs and ensures the smooth functioning of your facility.


Hiring removal companies guarantee the safe disposal of all waste products. Specialised in rubbish removal, they are aware of different types of rubbish and their effects on the environment.

Bottom Line

As you’re aware of the benefits, ensure to hire the company that’s experienced, flexible & reasonable. If you’re looking for skip bin hire services across Campbellfield, call True Bin Hire on 03 9333 0951 today.

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Five Compelling Reasons To Hire Skip Bins For Your Residential Uses

If you think that skip bin hire in Melbourne is only for large scale projects, just think again! About any residential or commercial project that needs proper waste management should consider hiring a skip bin. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons how hiring a skip will be helpful for your next project:

Spring Cleaning:

Spring cleaning is a common household routine that generates more clutter and waste that can’t be disposed of with your typical garbage bin. When you hire skip bins in Melbourne, you can easily dump things that you no longer need in one fell swoop.

Landscaping Projects:

Landscaping and gardening projects usually result in a huge amount of debris. As your regular garbage bin can’t accommodate the heaps of dirt and weeds, you won’t be able to complete your landscaping project. So, it is incredibly beneficial to opt for cheap skip bins in Melbourne to complete your gardening project.

Clean Up After Natural Disaster:

Unexpected events such as flood and storm are never planned for, but they can bring in a huge quantity of debris to your property. Disposing of those wastes and getting your life back on track can be overwhelming without a skip bin.

Kitchen Or Bathroom Renovation:

There is no doubt that construction projects can generate a great deal of trash and debris. Whether you are renovating your kitchen, bathroom or adding a new room for your guest, bin hire Melbourne will provide you with appropriate waste disposal solution and prevent you from taking multiple trips to disposal unit to get rid of the construction waste.

Moving Your Home:

As you pack up your belongings to move to your new home, you will come across a lot of things that you no longer want. Though you could donate a few items to someone, a lot might not be useful for anyone. So, it is always a better idea to clear out anything unusable to free up space.

To learn more about the reasons to hire a skip bin, contact True Bin Hire on 03 9333 0951  today!

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Hire Commercial Skip Bin Service To Protect Your Space From COVID-19

With the arrival of Covid-19 virus, waste disposal & management has become a severe issue for companies in Australia. Now, it’s more than essential to have your commercial waste cleaned up and thrown away to prevent contamination. How serious are you about waste disposal? Where do you stock your garbage? Is it covered? Or you’re just dumping the bin and letting it spoil over. As part of the office maintenance, you should work on waste management practice to have a clean and garbage-free office. By doing so, you can get the commercial skip bins in Melbourne delivered to your space where you throw the rubbish into it, and the skip bin service will haul the skip bin away.

Hire A Reputed Waste Disposal Company

When you hire a cheap skip bins in Melbourne for your waste disposal service, know that you’re making your office space safe for employees to work. You can even set up a waste management program to make your employees follow the safety rules and maintain a rubbish-free office.

Empty Your Bins Frequently

It’s normal for employees to use more tissues and anti-bacterial wipes at this period to stay away from contamination. Frequent use of anti-bacterial wipes and dusting, the amount of rubbish, which gets settled into the bin is relatively high, and it needs to be secured into the rubbish bin to ensure your cabin.

Call In Commercial Cleaning Professionals

Hire commercial cleaners to clean and sanitize the office space frequently and skip bins to dump the garbage. Once the skip bin gets filled, you can call the skip bin service to haul the skip bin away. They’ll make sure to follow the safety protocols while clearing the skip bins from your area. When you hire a commercial skip bin hire in Melbourne, they will make sure to drop and collect the garbage bins and responsibly replace them with a new one.

Bottom Line

The best part of hiring a skip bin service is you don’t have to search for a place to dump your rubbish. By hiring a skip bin service from True Bin Hire, you can limit your trips to the landfill and efficiently remove the waste from your space.

If you’re looking for a skip bin hire service across Melbourne, call 03 9333 0951 today.

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How To Fill Your Skip Bin The Right Way?

Whether it’s a spring cleaning or a garden cleaning, or you’re moving out, skip bins are a must-have when you want to tackle clean-up tasks like these. They come in various sizes and can load any type of waste, from construction and demolition debris to household and garden wastes. If you are planning to skip bin hire in Melbourne for your next cleaning project, there are things you should know before you buy the skip bin such as, the type of waste you should and shouldn’t load, and most of all, how you can effectively maximize the use of your skip bin. Here, we have come up with some useful tips on how you can fill your skip bin efficiently. Let’s get started.

Know Your Waste

It’s vital to understand the type of waste before you get a skip bin. You must find out the type of waste you are going to deal with. While you can load it with almost any rubbish such as bricks, concrete, plastics, timbers, furniture, and green wastes, skip bins are not suitable for discarding toxic wastes and hazardous chemicals. Things like asbestos, chemical bottles, and other waste that leaves toxic chemical residue are strictly prohibited in a skip bin.

Pick The Right Size

If you have decided to skip hire in Melbourne, get a skip bin that is bigger than your actual waste load. To understand the amount of rubbish you need to dispose of, pack your waste neatly and tightly, then stack it. Not only will this allow you to segregate your trash neatly, you will get an idea about the size of the bin that you need.

Fill Your Bins This Way

To ensure you make the most out of your skip bin’s capacity, fill your bins by placing all the flat and heavy items first at the bottom. It will support the other bulky items that you are going to load. Also, you can fill gaps with any loose items. If you have odd-shaped objects must be broken down into pieces and packed nice and tight to avoid any air pockets. Finally, arrange all the lightweight materials on top of the rubbish.

Packing your trash and arranging them properly in the bin will maximize your bin’s capacity and make the transportation of the waste removal safe for the truck drivers. If you’re looking for skip bin hire service across Victoria,  call True Bin Hire on 03 9333 0951 today.

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Why Should You Hire A Skip Bin For Your Rubbish Removal Needs?

Whether you want to dispose of residential, commercial or construction waste, you could benefit from skip bin hire Melbourne. In fact, skip bin rentals cover a range of project sizes, from small spring clean-up to large construction projects. They will help you get rid of trash quickly and efficiently. Some of the benefits of hiring a skip bin are:

A Harmless Job Site:

Exposed piles of debris can pose a risk to employees, clients and anyone visiting the job site. When you rent a skip bins, your construction site will be free from the piled-up trash, ensuring the safety of everyone who goes there.

Convenient Disposal of Trash:

From construction waste and old furniture to miscellaneous debris, all kinds of trash can be dumped into the skip bin for convenient disposal. Depending on the amount of waste generated, you can choose the skip in your required size.

Eco-Friendly Solution:

Following a proper waste management structure is important to ensure eco-friendliness. Dumping waste at any site can result in environmental pollution. Having someone to collect, dispose of, decompose and recycle your garbage helps reduce your carbon footprint.

No Risk Of Lawsuits:

When you work with a professional skip hire in Melbourne company, you can be assured of having your garbage disposed of in compliance with current laws and regulations. With a safer, more efficient worksite and proper waste disposal, you can stay away from the risk of breaking the litigation. This can help you save a huge amount of cash against legal bills going forward.

Peace Of Mind:

Working with a skip bin hire company can be highly beneficial to you in terms of peace of mind. These companies can take the responsibility of disposing of all the waste and eliminate the burden on your shoulders. With no risks associated with lawsuits and job-site safety, you can have complete peace of mind throughout the day.

If you are looking for a highly-recognised skip bin hire company in Melbourne, look no further than True Bin Hire. As a leading supplier of cheap rubbish bins and mini skip bins for hire, we can assist with your rubbish removal needs for residential, commercial or industrial projects. To hire our cheap bins, feel free to give us a call on 03 9333 0951.

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